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Our sustainable workshop

  • Our sustainable workshops are the perfect way to raise awareness and engage participants in your organization. They are taught in French, German and English and adapted to your needs. Contact us to discover the variety of our sustainable workshops.

Our workshops to raise awareness of the impacts of fashion

  • The fashion industry is one of the 4 most polluting industries in fashion and its environmental and social consequences are disastrous.[1] It is estimated that each Swiss person buys around 18kg of textiles annually, including 10kg of clothing, and acquires on average 80 new items per year, that is to say four times more than twenty years ago. This is explained by the “fast fashion” trend which leads to the creation of new collections all year round and by the fact that many clothes are only worn 7 to 10 times during their life. In fact, up to 80% of our wardrobe is never worn.[2] ​​​

  • Our workshops are made up of 2 parts and allow us to address the subject of sustainable fashion by discussing the environmental and social impacts of clothing waste while involving participants in practical workshops.

Our Repair/Sewing/DIY workshops

  • It's the ideal place to learn how to repair your clothes and/or to come and test your creativity by upcycling your old fabrics and those that will be offered to you on site to make new personalized products. Bring your old t-shirts, jeans, socks etc. to make tote bags, baskets, purses etc.

  • Sewing machines (3-4) will be on site but you can also take your own.

  • The goal: to repair, create, learn and share in a good mood and conviviality. All levels are accepted.




An example of organizations that have trusted us:


Slow Fashion Workshops

  • Bird GVA - coworking

  • Cosedec

  • CSP / La Renfile

  • Gymnase d'Yverdon

  • IUFE

  • MEG: Musée Ethnographique de Genève

  • Service Civile Suisse

  • Sipy


  • The Graduate Institute

  • Université de Genève

Repair / Sewing / DIY Workshops

  • Alternatiba Léman

  • L'Upcyclerie - Caritas

  • MEG: Musée Ethnographique de Genève

  • Université de Genève

  • Sipy

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